On behalf of our team, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.

I hope that you will find the necessary information to help you in your project. Since 2001, PigisTelecom is devoted to do all that is required to provide our customers with the level of support they expect from us. But beyond the technology, our engagement must meet your expectations, without neglecting the ‘human factor’. To proceed with the replacement of a telephone system is one thing: taking time to truly understand your working environment, your users’ requirements, the impacts on your customer service, and prepare it all with an appropriate change management process is of the utmost importance to allow a smooth transition with a minimum of impact on your daily activities. Throughout the years, the many testimonials received by our customers confirm our dedication to supply the required level of support to successfully deliver the project, and we are extremely proud of these accomplishments. And so, it is lifted by this recognition that we wish to offer you the same level of commitment to meet and exceed your expectations. We will always consider each mandate awarded to us as a privilege, and we will put every possible effort to earn your trust. Successfully deliver your project while working closely with you, in full integrity and only in your interest: this is our commitment to you.
Pierre Deguire

PigisTelecom is a consulting firm specialized

in the analysis and recommendation of telecommunications solutions. Founded in 2001, PigisTelecom’s mission is to offer top-notch services to businesses looking for a reliable telecommunications specialist, able to propose proven solutions while ensuring an optimal performance of the technologies already at hand. PigisTelecom works with the main manufacturers in the industry and is constantly aware of the latest technologies and solutions to propose the best possible services to its clientele. We have at heart your company’s success: it is a priority to us to gain your confidence, first by demonstrating our expertise in our industry but also by adopting your company’s mission, your values and objectives. Independent of suppliers, our recommendations are neutral and take only one thing into account: the needs expressed by our customers. Depending on the nature of your project, PigisTelecom will put its expertise at your service to implement solutions that meets your expectations.

"We will always consider each mandate entrusted to us as a privilege," Pierre Deguire, President.


Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses throughout the province,

whether small or larger companies, to implement a telephony network that met their needs. Here are the main axes on which our expertise stands :
- Evaluation of your current system and its expansion capacity
- New telephony architecture & design, single-site or multiple-sites environment
- Hosted-based telephony solution, whether on-premises or in the ‘cloud’
- Budgets evaluation
- Complete audit of your telecommunications monthly fees
- Business Continuity Plan
- Request for Quotes (RFQ / RFP) writing
- Quotes / proposals analysis & recommendation
- Project Management
From start to finish, we ensure all goes as planned. We are your partner to deliver your project with success!


With all the choices of network-services suppliers that are now available to you, it’s not an easy task to find the right fit for your business!

Nowadays, there aren’t only business lines, PRIs and other ‘traditional’ services to consider, you must also think about hosted services, SIP trunks, Internet access, MPLS networks and more. Furthermore, an impressive number of suppliers have appeared on the market, whether they are based in Canada or in the U.S., they all offer services that are accessible on the Quebec territory. Also, when it comes to invest in a new telecommunications infrastructure, one of the obstacles can be justifying the investment. A thorough analysis of your monthly telecom billing enables us to gain a concise view of your expenses, confirm that you are paying only for services you need, propose alternatives, compare services and contractual formats with other suppliers, often creating savings that can be used to make your business more efficient! PigisTelecom has gained a solid reputation in the Quebec market by helping our customers in their telecom services assessment. By comparing monthly costs offered by other suppliers, their contractual clauses, service availability where your company has points of service, it can become hazardous for you to identify the right supplier and the services that best meets your needs. The different billing and managing services (whether online or not), as well as the services records from the suppliers hold no secrets from us. Contact us to gain a clear view!


Needless to say, if your business doesn’t have an adequate Recovery Plan in place,

you may be at risk of not providing your customers with the level of service they’ve come to expect from your organization. Depending on the size of your company and the type of services you offer, an appropriate Business Continuity Plan will greatly vary from one company to the next. Still, any business that is eager to minimize the impacts of an incident on its daily operations must consider a Business Continuity Plan. We are not only talking about a fire or an electrical outage here, there are so many other types of incident that can cause prejudice to your business. By the way, did you know that over 80% of incidents are caused by an internal event? A security breach, a building’s mechanical failure, a server that is ‘end-of- life’, a software update that was postponed, a phone system that is no longer supported, and more… another aspect not to neglect: many service suppliers are unable to meet the negotiated SLA’s when an incident occurs. The telephony solutions available today, whether installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud, can help minimize the impact of an incident by allowing your organization to continue to operate, even if your site is not accessible, whether caused by a disaster or just by winter weather. A system that is perfectly adapted to your reality can allow users to work remotely, from home or anywhere else, without affecting the quality of service offered to your customers. Contact us to learn more!